Miss Arrivo THE WRAITH

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Color: Iris White

Miss Arrivo introduces the ION cleansing and rejuvenating mode, featuring a combination of gold and platinum-plated applicator heads.

These heads support 3D free rotation, seamlessly fitting the facial contours.

Integrating core patented technologies, MFIP and UP, it combines four major technological energies into one anti-aging core.

The MFIP intermediate frequency intermittent electrical pulses closely simulate professional masseur techniques, facilitating easier absorption of beauty serums.

The UP super-pulse electric perforation and triple technology synergistically revitalize the skin's collagen production.

The EMS microcurrent muscle stimulation pulses tighten the skin, while triple LED color light therapy combats aging, revealing rejuvenated skin.

Product Description

Confidence in the Future

Lightweight, easy to use, and remarkably effective.

Miss Arrivo THE WRAITH fulfills such luxurious desires.

The smoothness and radiance you feel will make you smile uncontrollably.

Excitement for a certain premonition of beauty fills me, and I'm confident in the future.

Lightweight yet satisfying

The sleek form that fits in the palm of your hand, coupled with the flexible head that moves freely, ensures a snug fit into every corner of the face.

To the first facial device

Firm stimulation that brings out beauty.

Additionally, it is equipped with a keratin removal function that leads to even more translucent skin.

Functional Explanation

To bring out clear beauty. Three modes to awaken your potential.

Ion Clean Mode

Removes old keratin with the action of ions.

Roughness, acne, dullness.

It's possible that accumulated dirt, such as makeup residue, and old keratin that aren't completely removed by regular cleansing could be causing roughness, acne, and dullness.

With the Ion Clean Mode, specially formulated toner with a negative charge is used to attract and remove dirt with the power of positive ions.

By replenishing moisture and hydration while restoring a clean skin environment, it leads to smooth and translucent skin.

EMS Mode

Facial muscle training

For skin concerned about the facial contour and nasolabial folds, training the muscles that support beauty is important.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) works by training the inner muscles, such as the facial muscles, with weak electrical currents.

It allows you to target facial muscles, which are said to be used only about 30% in daily life, every day.

M/U Mode


The beauty of enhancing effects through three actions: introduction, training, and warming

Ultra Pulse continuously outputs these from the elements, while MFIP outputs intermittently.

The sensation envisioned is that of an esthetician's tapping. In the M/U Mode, the MFIP mode and Ultra Pulse mode are automatically alternately outputted.

  • Deep into the stratum corneum

With the wavelength of LED, to healthy skin

The wavelengths of red, green, and blue light help to care for skin concerns while promoting the penetration of beauty ingredients *into the stratum corneum.

Red: For sagging along the jawline

Green: For clear and radiant translucent skin

Blue: For concerns like excessive sebum

Fit for the skin, easy to use

Adopting a 3D Movable Head that moves freely in all directions.

It adheres along the curves of the face, providing a stress-free, wireless experience.

Usage Instructions

Ion Clean Mode

Place a cotton pad onto the head.
We recommend using side-sealed or round-type cotton pads.

Remove the cotton ring from the head and place the cotton pad in between. Soak the cotton pad with dedicated toner.
*We recommend using side-sealed or round-type cotton pads.

From the chin to the temple, moving from the inside out, gently glide the device over the skin.

Glide the device upwards from the tip of the nose. For other areas like from the eyebrows to the hairline, glide the device upwards from bottom to top.

EMS Mode

After washing your face, apply 4-5 pushes of the dedicated gel onto your hands and spread it evenly over your entire face before starting.

Apply the device to each spot for about 6 seconds, gradually moving it. Start from under the chin and slide towards the shoulder.

Similarly, move the device from the chin towards the temples.

Slide the device from the eyebrows to the hairline, moving upwards from bottom to top.

M/U Mode

MFIP/Ultra Pulse Mode

Apply a dedicated beauty serum to each area while using the beauty device for your skincare routine.
If the serum dries out during the process, reapply as needed.
*Please use after cleansing your face.

Slide the device from under your chin to behind your ears, then continue towards your shoulders, covering the area behind your ears.

Slide the device in an upward motion from your chin towards the outer edges of your face, as if lifting it.

Slide the device from your eyebrows to the hairline, moving upward from bottom to top.