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Surely, many women in the world are facing their concerns as they walk through life, aren't they?
We, at A. GLOBAL, aspire to bring happiness to the world through high-grade luxury beauty devices.
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Pore care

Blackheads and visibly enlarged pores can be concerning. When the skin feels rough, it affects the makeup application negatively. Dirt trapped in pores can also make the overall complexion appear dull. By using a beauty device for thorough pore care, let's guide the skin to a radiant and beautiful complexion.

Dry skin

Dry skin refers to a condition where the skin lacks moisture and oil, leading to a lack of hydration. With dry skin, you may experience flakiness and poor makeup application, among other skin issues. It's essential to replenish your skin with the necessary ingredients to achieve well-hydrated and moisturized skin.

Lack of firmness

Many women struggle with a lack of firmness in the eye area, cheeks, and chin. Even if the skin's surface looks fine, a lack of firmness can affect one's smile. EMS, commonly found in many beauty devices, stimulates facial muscles with electrical impulses, leading to a more uplifted appearance. By properly targeting the facial muscles that may not be fully utilized in everyday life, let's aim for clear, firm skin.


Eliminate waste and tighten the jawline by moving facial muscles. Despite wanting a smaller face, the facial impression may appear sluggish. There are various causes, including lifestyle habits and aging. By stimulating facial muscles and masseter muscles with electrical impulses, which are not often used in daily life, and by removing dirt and eliminating waste, let's achieve a youthful-looking, sharp impression skin.

Aging care

For signs of aging such as nasolabial folds, crow's feet, and mouth area. Skin issues caused by aging, which may not have been a concern before, can become more serious if left untreated. The time to start aging care is when you start noticing even slight changes in your skin. Enhance your regular skincare routine with a high-quality beauty device. By providing care tailored to your age, let's guide your skin to its naturally youthful and healthy state.
*Care tailored to your age.


For a clean skin free from the cause of dullness, which is the removal of old keratin. Despite removing makeup thoroughly and washing your face every day, your skin may still appear dull. Skin dullness can make you look older. Using the functions of a beauty device, remove the old keratin remaining on your skin and improve your skin condition. Let's prevent dullness troubles and aim for bright, translucent skin.

Comparison of effects and functions

A. GLOBAL has created high-grade luxury beauty devices.
A beauty device specialized for the eye area and specific points. A beauty device that warms the skin (RF) to achieve firm and supple skin.
A beauty device that trains facial muscles using electrical stimulation from EMS. A beauty device that resolves dullness※ with the power of ions.
A. GLOBAL's beauty devices can cater to all women's concerns. We will suggest the perfect beauty device for you.
※This includes dirt and old keratin.

The Horuseye
The Horuseye Sale price$672.00
Zeus III
Zeus III Sale price$1,920.00
The Horuseye
The Horuseye Sale price$672.00
Zeus III
Zeus III Sale price$1,920.00
EMS (Firming Care)

New mode with EMS + RF (warmth)

RF (Warmth)
Increased to 50kHz-Up to 100kHz

Increased to 200kHz-Increased to 1MHz

Promotes blood circulation by warming

Eye & Spot Care

Dedicated for targeted care such as around the eyes

Introduction of beauty ingredients※To the stratum corneum
The elements have become even finer
Thorough care with 9 elements
Dullness※ & Exfoliation Care※Due to dirt and old keratin
Anti-Aging Care※※Care tailored to age
Rechargeable Type
Powered by electricity
Powered operation


Features of each function

See, be amazed; use, be amazed; be amazed by the results. A. GLOBAL's beauty devices are equipped with various high-spec functions to provide high-grade luxury beauty devices that can address the concerns of various skin types.

What is EMS?

EMS, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a device that uses electrical impulses to stimulate inner muscles, such as facial muscles. Originally used in medical settings for rehabilitation and pain relief, EMS has been adapted for cosmetic purposes.

By applying electrical stimulation to targeted areas, you can provide pinpoint care to the muscles, which serve as the foundation of the skin.

What is MFIP (patented)?

Mid Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP) is an abbreviation for Mid Frequency Interval Pulse, which refers to patented technology.

By intermittently outputting three functions—Insert Pulse, EMS, and Medium to High Frequency—it provides a sensation similar to the acupressure and tapping performed by estheticians. This tapping sensation tightens the skin and gives it firmness and radiance.

What is UP?

Ultra Pulse continuously outputs three functions—Insert Pulse, EMS, and Medium to High Frequency—delivering essential beauty ingredients to every corner of the skin.

What is RF (Radio Frequency)?

Radio Frequency, abbreviated as RF, refers to high-frequency waves that penetrate deep into the skin, providing a warming effect. By gently warming the skin, it helps promote healthy skin.

What is iontophoresis derivation?

The action of negative (-) electricity helps facilitate the penetration of ingredients such as serums into the deeper layers of the skin. This is particularly effective for promoting the penetration of ingredients like vitamin C derivatives and amino acids, reaching even the stratum corneum.
Furthermore, the action of positive (+) electricity helps to adsorb old keratin and makeup residue that may not be completely removed by regular cleansing, thus preparing the skin for a fresh and clean environment.

What is an ultrasonic facial device?

By delivering extremely fine vibrations to the skin, an ultrasonic facial device can effectively dislodge dirt and impurities trapped deep within the pores. It can also stimulate the facial muscles, promoting firmness and tightening of the skin.

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