Dr. Arrivo Zeus II

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Color: Olympia Gold

Dr. Arrivo Zeus II, the second generation of the Zeus beauty device, dazzles with its upgraded features.

Building upon the foundation of 4 titanium applicator heads, it now boasts 9 gold-plated heads and a 3D flexible design, ensuring perfect adherence to the skin.

Combining the core patented technologies of MFIP and UP into one, it offers a comprehensive anti-aging solution.

With the integration of 4 major technological energies, it provides one-touch age-reversal capabilities. Additionally, it introduces the new R high-frequency wave warm function, along with EMS microcurrent muscle stimulation pulses, to tighten the skin. Triple LED color light therapy further enhances skin care.

Product Description

The ultimate elegance

Indulge in moments of bliss while being trained, healed, and evolving, experiencing a sense of satisfaction.

Gently enveloping

Experience a rhythmic sensation evoking an esthetician's tapping, along with a comforting warmth and deep, penetrating stimulation as if being cradled in the palm of your hand.

Wisely beautiful

To approach your ideal face.
With a high-performance beauty device, experience luxury esthetic treatments whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Functional Explanation

Experience entrancing stimulation and tangible results.
Achieved with four modes and nine-element technology.

M/U Mode


Experience a rhythmic sensation and deep, penetrating stimulation.

Both '9-MFIP' and 'ULTRA PULSE' achieve the simultaneous activation of three functions: Insert Pulse, EMS, and Medium to High Frequency.

The simultaneous action of these three elements maximizes the effectiveness in enhancing beauty. Constantly outputting them from the elements is what defines 'ULTRA PULSE'.

On the other hand, '9-MFIP' outputs intermittently.

The sensation aimed for is that of an esthetician's tapping.

Zeus II, with its adoption of 9-MFIP capable of flowing electrical current through more complex patterns from its nine elements, delivers particularly luxurious effects and sensations.

9-MFIP (Nine Multi-Functional Insertion Pulse)

MFIP, or Multi-Functional Insertion Pulse, refers to the electrical currents flowing from the nine heads, resembling a symphony. With 16 variations of currents intricately intertwined, it not only delights but also leads you to firm and supple skin.

With 9-MFIP, while warming the skin, the variation in electrical currents causes the facial muscles to contract and relax repeatedly, achieving ideal muscle movement.


Insert Pulse*2, EMS, and medium to high frequency are simultaneously output from nine elements. The 90kHz medium to high frequency warms the skin gently while EMS works on the facial muscles.

*1 Mid Frequency Interval Pulse (MFIP)

*2 Insert Pulse delivers painless electrical pulses to replenish the essence of skincare ingredients applied to the skin, maximizing their effectiveness.

EMS Mode

Upward Skin through Facial Muscle Training

For skin concerns such as sagging facial contours and nasolabial folds, it's important to train the muscles that support beauty, such as facial muscles.

EMS works by using weak electrical currents to train inner muscles like facial muscles.

By moving facial muscles, which are said to be used only about 30 percent in daily life, you can train them every day.

RF Mode

A warming treatment that brings out the natural beauty of the skin.

Our faces are often exposed to the elements and are prone to coldness.

With RF Mode, radio waves at 200kHz generate heat, providing sustained warmth.

The gentle, entrancing sensation is the essence of a spa experience.

Revitalized skin becomes lively and radiant.

LED Mode

Treatment tailored to specific concerns using the wavelength of light.

You can change the color of the LED according to your skin concerns.

Full light

For various skin concerns


For sagging in the facial contour


For skin desiring translucency


For skin concerned with excessive sebum

Blinking: For finishing touches on your skincare routine

*LED Mode can be used in conjunction with the other three modes.

24-karat gold elements that delicately treat the skin

The surface is processed with 24-karat gold, which is considered to have the highest compatibility with the skin.

Additionally, each element is small, resulting in a softer electrical stimulus to the skin.

3D Movable Head

We have adopted a special head mechanism that moves freely in all directions. It adheres closely along the curves of the face, ensuring a stress-free treatment experience.


We have introduced a deliberation judgment system using NFC tags. By reading the built-in NFC tag with a smartphone, you can confirm the 'serial number'


While incorporating the weightiness of metal, we have also applied delicate processing using Japan's plating technology.

Usage Instructions

For daily care, we recommend using the EMS Mode, and for weekly special care, consider adding either the M/U Mode or RF Mode. Each mode automatically stops after 10 minutes with a built-in timer.

Daily care

EMS Mode

Take 4-5 pumps of the dedicated gel into your hand and apply it to your entire face before starting.

Apply for about 3 seconds per area, gradually moving it. Start from under the chin towards the shoulders.

Similarly, move from the chin towards the temples.

Similarly, move from the eyebrows towards the hairline.

Weekly Special Care

M/U Mode

Apply dedicated serum to each area and perform skincare with the beauty device.

If the serum dries out during the process, reapply as needed.

Slide from under the chin to behind the ears, then from behind the ears to the shoulders.

Slide outward from the chin in an upward motion.

Slide from the eyebrows to the hairline, moving upward from bottom to top.

RF Mode

Start by applying 4-5 pumps of the dedicated gel to your hand and then spreading it evenly over your entire face before starting.

Slide from under the chin to behind the ears, then from behind the ears to the shoulders.

Slide outward from the chin in an upward motion.

Slide from the eyebrows to the hairline, moving upward from bottom to top.