WMT Glow Up Gel

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Volume: 300ml

Two key algae ingredients work synergistically to provide moisturizing and hydrating abilities surpassing hyaluronic acid by 5 times. 
The star ingredient niacinamide promotes collagen growth and inhibits melanin production, reducing wrinkles and fading spots.
The three major skincare ingredients, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, unlock a new chapter of radiant and hydrated skin.
Plant extracts stabilize the skin's mood.

Radiance for Every Woman Pursuing Beauty: Attain the Ultimate Glow

Product Description

Skin that retains moisture

Containing fucoidan derived from algae.

Provides the skin with the blessings of water and high-moisturizing ingredients to maintain moisture.

Massage gel formulated to match the current of the beauty device

The EMS mode of the beauty device provides electrical stimulation to the muscles, so to effectively activate its benefits, it's necessary to reduce the skin's electrical resistance and make the flow of current easier.

The Glo-Up Gel is the perfect cosmetic for the EMS mode, as it facilitates the flow of current, is non-sticky, and excels in moisturizing properties.

WMT glow up gel main ingredients

Supports the skin's barrier function and helps to improve skin texture.

Suizenjinori polysaccharide
Helps maintain moisture on the skin's surface, leaving it smooth.

Marine purge
Protects the skin from external irritants.

Hyaluronic acid
Leads to moisturized skin.

Instructions for Use

Face massage

Apply the gel to the entire face, then massage each cheek, forehead, and chin in a circular motion, following the order

Massage the arms

Apply the gel to the areas of concern on your arms, then massage from your hands up to your shoulders, lifting as you go.

Body massage

Apply the gel to the areas of the body you want to focus on for the massage, then massage in a clockwise direction with the palms of your hands, starting from around the navel and working outward.

Foot massage

Apply the gel to the areas of the legs you want to focus on for the massage, from the toes to the thighs, then massage in an upward motion from the toes towards the hips.