Approaching the essence of beauty.

Our dedication to delivering the finest beauty devices.

The power of beauty dormant within us.
If we could unleash it to the fullest, possibilities would expand infinitely.

Innovative technology dedicated to the pursuit of effects on the skin.
Unparalleled emphasis on safety. Exhilarating and innovative design.

Combining all of those qualities, that's what A. GLOBAL's beauty devices are all about.

Be amazed by the sight, be amazed by the use, be amazed by the results.

The more you use it, the closer you get to the essence of beauty.
Wrapped in such a sense of reality, the ultimate home care that you can continue with your own hands becomes a reality.

100% Made in Japan, ensuring reliable quality.

A. GLOBAL's beauty devices undergo planning, design, and manufacturing processes entirely at the headquarters in Gifu Prefecture and the factory of the group company PSI. Each completed device is meticulously tested for operation one by one by hand before shipping. We take pride in providing high-performance, durable, and substantial devices.

Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring peace of mind in your usage.

A. GLOBAL develops beauty devices under the supervision of physicians. Furthermore, all devices undergo usage confirmation by a carefully selected group of up to 100 doctors. We strive to obtain solid evidence to ensure that our customers can use our products safely and comfortably.

In order to deliver superior and special beauty devices

At A. GLOBAL, in addition to the basic functions of beauty devices such as 'EMS' and 'LED,' we have incorporated special features that deliver beauty ingredients, developed over many years, into all of our beauty devices.

In order for our customers to experience unique effects and sensations, we will continue to take on new challenges in the future.

*Some of our products also incorporate additional features such as 'RF (Radio Frequency),' vibration, ultrasound, and other functions.

Together with customers in Japan and around the world

A. GLOBAL has multiple specialty stores across Japan and distributes its products to China, South Korea, the United States, Europe, as well as newly established markets in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We have established good cooperative relationships with numerous clients. We will continue to pursue new possibilities, delivering quality products to global markets to satisfy customers worldwide.

Overwhelming sensory experience and exceptional ease of use

We strive to maximize the convenience of using our beauty devices at home for our customers. With simple button operation, you can easily incorporate them into your daily skincare routine.

And above all, what you can truly experience is their effectiveness. Through our proprietary technology delivering beauty ingredients, you should feel unprecedented sensations and results.

Beautiful and graceful form

Because it's something used every day, we want you to feel fulfilled and excited every time you pick it up or see it. With this in mind, we have worked with select product designers to pursue refined and beautiful forms that express the personality of each model. They boast an impact reminiscent of sculptural masterpieces, vibrant colors that radiate brilliance, and shapes that flow seamlessly to fit your hand. Enjoy the 'beautiful and graceful form' born from our dedication to every detail, including weightiness and texture.

Welcome to join our team! Whether you aspire to become our agent or distributor, we cordially invite you to join hands with us in creating a brighter future together as partners in the beauty industry!

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