Miss Arrivo THE VEGAS Ⅱ

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The Miss Arrivo Muse Eye Beauty Device utilizes the core patented technology of MFIP intermediate frequency intermittent electrical pulses, closely mimicking finger pressure massage, delivering a spa-level new sensory experience.

With the HI-MFIP mode, it enhances the sensory intensity, boosts muscle activity, and significantly improves the effectiveness of beauty treatments.

Product Description

The most compact

The Vegas II is the most compact in A. GLOBAL's lineup.

It fits perfectly on the cheeks, around the mouth, and even on the uneven areas around the eyes and nose.

It delivers precise and thorough results.

Its size allows it to fit into your pouch, making it convenient for use before makeup or while traveling.

Experience the uplifting treatment that fills you with a sense of elevated skin sensation.

Delivering beauty at high speed

While being ultra-compact, we have combined patented technologies such as ULTRA PULSE, MFIP, and HI-MFIP modes to ensure that you experience the same effectiveness that A. GLOBAL boasts.

Each mode has different output speeds and sensations. Particularly, the HI-MFIP mode repeats output at a speed of 0.05 seconds per cycle, a technology exclusive to The Vegas II.

These three modes automatically switch every three seconds with just one button, offering versatile performance.

We have successfully ensured the delivery of beauty ingredients even with a small head.

Smartly Beautiful

Smartly Achieving Multifunctionality and Power

The Vegas-exclusive HI-MFIP

While ultra-compact, its power is second to none, ensuring beauty is achieved smartly, just like with other models.