The Vzusa

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Color: Royal Puple

A multifunctional high-performance model designed to maximize beauty through skin cleansing, warming, muscle exercise, vibration, LED, and more.

The Vzusa

An artistic design that captivates the moment you lay eyes on it, offering an overwhelming sensory experience that instantly captivates.

Achieve salon-level care in the comfort of your own home.


The moment you see it, you will be captivated by its artistic design.

Form/ Square-shaped form that fits comfortably in the hand
Texture/ Python pattern expressed in cowhide
Decoration/ Luxurious design adorned with Swarovski


Beautiful yet effective

LED/Treatment using light wavelengths to support vibrant skin (equipped with three colors: red, blue, and green).
The surface of the device is coated with 24-karat gold, which is considered to have the highest affinity with the skin.


An exquisite home spa experience.

Salon-level performance and power, now available in a single device. Equipped with an NFC tag system, allowing owners to check their unique serial number at any time.

Product Features

Original function: IPR mode

We've carefully selected essential functions and consolidated them into a powerful yet compact and portable device.
The original IPR mode by Vzusa intermittently outputs UP (Insert Pulse, EMS, Medium-High Frequency) using unique technology, enhancing lifting care capabilities.
Tailored care is provided based on your preferences, such as using the ION mode to remove dirt from the skin surface, the UP mode for skin warming, and the EMS mode for daily muscle exercises.
The EMS mode enables daily targeting of facial muscles.
* Please do not use in wet environments such as the bathroom as it is not waterproof.

Product Description

IPR (Interval Pulse Rotation) Mode enhances lifting care capabilities.

IPR (Interval Pulse Rotation) Mode is a mode that outputs UP (Insert Pulse, EMS, Medium and High Frequency) intermittently using proprietary technology. Additionally, by outputting each element in a rotating manner, you can experience a sensation like never before.

The UP (ULTRA PULSE) Mode simultaneously outputs EMS and medium to high frequency.

Insert Pulse (※)
EMS and medium to high frequency are simultaneously outputted from the device.
EMS acts on the facial muscles, while the medium to high frequency provides a warming effect to the skin.
※ Insert Pulse delivers painless electrical pulses to replenish the beauty ingredients of the essence applied to the skin, maximizing its effectiveness.

EMS ModeActing on the facial muscles, it helps to sculpt the facial contour.

A weak alternating current flows repeatedly between the elements, creating micro-waves.
These gentle waves stimulate the facial muscles.
*Can be used for daily treatments.

ION ModeCleanses the surface of the skin by the power of ions.

ION Mode
This mode utilizes the power of ions to attract and remove dirt, leaving the skin clean. It gently eliminates impurities that may not be fully removed by regular cleansing and washing routines without burdening the skin.

VR (Vibration) modeloosen tight muscles

It features two types of vibration modes. Not only does it alleviate electrical stimulation, but it also helps to loosen tense muscles.

Usage Instructions

IPR Mode / Ultra Pulse Mode / Ion Clean Mode

Move from under the jawline along the face contour to behind the ears. Then, move down to the submandibular glands and continue towards the shoulders.

Move from the chin along the jawline to the temples. Then, move from the nose across the cheeks to the temples. Finally, move from the inner corner of the eyes across the eye area to the temples.

Starting from the eyebrows, move upward towards the hairline. Repeat steps 1 to 3 two to three times each.
*Move slowly and continuously without stopping at the same spot.
*If the dedicated gel or serum dries out, reapply as needed.

EMS Mode

Performing a 10-minute EMS treatment daily or every other day will lead to firmer skin.

Please apply the device to your skin for 3 seconds each in the following order: under the jaw, below the ears, and at the base of the neck.

Please apply the device from the side of the lips to the side of the eyes, moving towards the temples, for 3 seconds each.

Please apply the device from above the eyebrows to the forehead, moving towards the hairline, for 3 seconds each.
* The treatment steps are approximate.
* Please use the dedicated gel when using the EMS mode.
* Reapply the dedicated gel if it dries out.

You can also use it on your arms, legs, abdomen, and hips.

How to use the Vzusa