Zeus III

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The Zeus III beauty device shines with its new debut, heralding a new peak in anti-aging with Zeus technology.
For the first time, equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled IOT intelligent touchscreen, allowing seamless control.
Breaking new ground from four modes and six levels to six modes and ten levels, offering multiple energy outputs in synergy.
Layer by layer, combat aging and revitalize the skin with 3D gold-plated applicator heads.
More flexible, better fit, and more efficient, it's not just limited to facial sculpting but also effective full-body care.



Beauty that is unique to you.

ZeusⅢ was born using advanced technology.
This is a new era all-in-one facial beauty device.

This handheld facial beauty device is equipped with an easy-to-operate touch panel.
By efficiently combining unique pulses such as tapping and hand pressing,
You can experience effects like never before.

Choose the mode that suits you that day and manage your time and conditions as you wish.
We firmly create the beauty of each individual.
Guided by the power of beauty, you will experience an exquisite response that will make your body and mind soar to the heavens.

Product Description

The latest model eagerly awaited by Zeus

The latest model bearing the name of Zeus expands upon the inspiration of the popular product Zeus II.

It efficiently outputs its own unique electrical pulses, providing sensations akin to tapping or hand pressure.

Users can experience unprecedented effects.

Advanced technology

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Zeus III has been born as the all-in-one beauty device of the new era.

It features a user-friendly touch panel on the handheld beauty device.

The beauty of each individual

Choose the mode that suits you for the day, and manage your time and condition as you wish.

Create the beauty of each individual firmly.

Guided by the power of beauty, experience the sublime satisfaction of soaring both body and mind to the heavens.

Functional Explanation

Equipped with six modes utilizing proprietary technology, this all-in-one compact beauty device makes it possible to perform skincare routines that traditionally required multiple beauty devices with just one unit.

HP (Hand-press pulse)

The insert pulse*, EMS (muscle movement), and warming (medium to high frequency) are simultaneously output from the device.

*The insert pulse delivers painless electrical pulses to replenish skincare ingredients applied to the skin, maximizing their effectiveness.

TP (Tapping pulse)

Through proprietary technology, we have achieved a pleasant stimulation akin to an esthetician's tapping by intermittently outputting pulses.

It allows for comprehensive care for all skin concerns at once.

Special Care

This mode allows simultaneous output of high-frequency warming, in addition to 'TP' and 'HP'.

It's the ultimate home care treatment mode that pursues both pleasant stimulation and warming effects.

It supports skin concerns by adjusting the wavelength of light.

DF (Dio Frequency)

This mode utilizes two different types of high frequency to warm not only the surface of the skin but also a wide area, allowing for further sensation of firm, supple skin.

Daily Care

This mode allows for enhanced efficiency of EMS by simultaneously performing warming and muscle movement.

Equipped with a touch panel

The touch panel enables user-friendly operation. Additionally, the screen is locked during use to prevent accidental activation.

With the capability to switch between six modes, users can easily switch modes by simply touching the icons.

You can select settings such as language (available in three languages), volume, and access manuals and machine information from the settings screen.

Instruction Manual Video

Usage Instructions

Special Care

Special Care Mode: Once or twice a week for 10 minutes.
TP Mode + HP Mode: Once or twice a week for 10 minutes.
DF Mode: Once or twice a week for 10 minutes.

Move from under the chin to behind the ears, then from behind the ears to the shoulders.

Starting from the chin, move upward as if lifting.

Move upward from below, from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Daily Care

Daily Care Mode: Daily care for 10 minutes.

Move from under the chin toward the shoulders, pausing for 3 seconds at each point along the way.

Move from the chin toward the temples, pausing for 3 seconds at each point along the way.

Move from the eyebrows toward the hairline, pausing for 3 seconds at each point along the way.