Vzusa Ⅱ

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Color: Cypress Green

A multifunctional high-performance model designed to maximize beauty by firming the skin, promoting the penetration of beauty serum ingredients

(※) into the skin, stimulating muscle movement, and addressing signs of aging.

※Into the stratum corneum

The Vzusa


The pursuit of special beauty

To the future of moisturized and fair beauties

The highest beauty shines only for those who seek it

Achieve salon-level care in the comfort of your own home


Understanding its existence in just a day

Combining form/beauty and fit with a wavy texture, expressing a python pattern



A new encounter with every use

Equipped with 12 beauty LED lights for a radiant complexion.

Platinum is used for the components to minimize stress on the skin.



All possibilities are within your reach.

Experience salon-quality results at home with the same level of excellence.

Consolidate all functions into one device for optimal use at the perfect timing.

Product Features

New Feature: LTN Mode

In addition to the conventional functions like IPR, UP, and EMS, we have also added the new LTN mode, which combines UP with ION.
In LTN mode, the penetration power of the essence is further enhanced, combined with beauty LED, bringing clear and translucent skin.
We offer customized care tailored to your needs, such as the IPR mode for lifting care, the UP mode for warming the skin, and the EMS mode for daily muscle exercise.
The VR mode can be combined with each mode to relax tense muscles.
*It is not waterproof, so please do not use it in the bathroom.

Product Description

The IPR (Intermittent Pulse Rotation) mode enhances the lifting care ability

IPR (Intermittent Pulse Rotation) is a mode that intermittently outputs UP (Insertion Pulse, EMS, Mid-High Frequency) using unique technology.
Additionally, by rotating the elements, you can experience unprecedented effects.

UP (ULTRA PULSE) mode simultaneously outputs EMS and mid-to-high frequency pulses.

Insertion Pulse (IP) mode simultaneously outputs EMS and mid-to-high frequency pulses.
EMS targets facial muscles while the mid-to-high frequency pulses warm the skin through thermal effects.
The insertion pulse supplements the cosmetic ingredients of the applied essence on the skin and maximizes its effectiveness by applying painless electrical pulses.

EMS mode ,Acts on facial muscles, adjusting facial contours

Weak alternating current flows repeatedly between the components, generating microwaves.
Its gentle waves act on facial muscles.
*Can be used for daily treatment.

LTN (Lightening) Mode

Insert Pulse mode with added penetration and rebound power of +ION, enhancing the delivery power of beauty serum ingredients.
Expect improvements in moisture and transparency.

VR (Vibration) modeRelaxes stiff muscles.

Equipped with two types of vibration modes.
Not only does it alleviate electrical stimulation, but it also loosens stiff muscles.

Usage Instructions

IPR Mode, LTN Mode, UP Mode

Move from under the jaw along the jawline, then behind the ears. Next, move along the submandibular glands and down to the shoulders.

Move from the chin along the jawline to the temples. Next, move from the nostrils across the cheeks to the temples. Finally, move from the inner corners of the eyes across the eye area to the temples.

Starting from below, move from the eyebrows up to the hairline. Repeat steps 1 to 3 two to three times each.
*Always move slowly and continuously without stopping in the same area.
*Reapply the dedicated gel or serum if it dries out.

IPR Mode, LTN Mode, UP Mode

Performing a 10-minute EMS treatment daily or every other day will lead to firmer skin.

Please place the device on your skin for 3 seconds each in the following order: under the chin, below the ears, and at the base of the neck.

Please place the device on your skin for 3 seconds each in the following order: from beside the lips to the side of the eyes, moving towards the temples.

Please place the device on your skin for 3 seconds each in the following order: from the eyebrows to the upper part of the forehead, moving towards the hairline.
* The treatment steps are approximate.
* When using the EMS mode, please use the dedicated gel.
* If the dedicated gel dries out, please reapply.
It can also be used on the arms, legs, abdomen, and hips.
For more details, please refer to the instruction manual included with the product.

It can also be used on the arms, legs, abdomen, and hips.