The Vzusa iCARE

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Color: Royal Puple

A model that allows for skin warming, enhanced lift care, muscle exercise, and pinpoint skin care in addition to LED.

The Vzusa iCARE

“i CARE” for you

Eyes drawn to the presence of beauty.

Esthetic-level care at the comfort of your home


Captivating charm that steals the gaze

A captivating design adorned with python pattern and Swarovski crystals, highlighting individuality. Even after treatment, it stands independently with its own cover, ready to be a picturesque beauty device by your side at any time.


Selection and focus—it's a strategy for beauty

The elements that touch your skin are coated with 24-karat gold, chosen for its high affinity with the skin. They're crafted into shapes that fit delicate areas like around the eyes and lips. The LEDs that light up in I/U and EMS modes help balance the skin environment, leading to firm and resilient skin.


Real beauty at your fingertips

Equipped with the same level of power and treatment experience as in salons, all in one device. Featuring an NFC tag system, you can easily check your unique serial number anytime.

Product Features

New feature: EPP mode

We've carefully selected and consolidated essential functions, making it powerful yet compact and portable.
Our new EPP (Extreme Pinpoint Pulse) mode delivers low-frequency stimulation from the tip of the beauty device, targeting fine areas like around the eyes and wrinkles with pinpoint accuracy.
The existing IPR and UP modes found in the Vzusa - Medusa have been integrated into the automatic I/U mode. This mode not only delivers beauty ingredients but also warms the skin and targets facial muscles.
With the EMS mode, daily treatment of facial muscles is possible.
* Please note that this device is not waterproof, so avoid using it in places like the bathroom.

Product Description

The IPR (Interval Pulse Rotation) mode is designed to enhance lifting care power.

IPR (Interval Pulse Rotation) mode intermittently outputs UP (Insert Pulse, EMS, Medium and High Frequency) through proprietary technology. Furthermore, by outputting each element in a rotating manner, it provides a unique sensory experience.

UP (ULTRA PULSE) mode simultaneously outputs three functions: Insert Pulse, EMS, and Medium to High Frequency.

Insert Pulse (※) simultaneously outputs EMS, medium to high frequency from the element.
EMS works on the facial muscles, while the medium to high frequency generates heat to warm the skin.
※ Insert Pulse delivers electric pulses without any pain, allowing the essence of beauty serum applied to the skin to be fully absorbed and maximized.

EMS ModeTargets facial muscles to enhance facial contours.

A weak alternating current flows repeatedly between the elements, generating micro-waves.
These gentle waves stimulate the facial muscles.
*Can be used daily for treatments.

EPP (Extreme Pinpoint Pulse) ModePrecise Skin Care [New Feature]

Low-frequency electrical stimulation targets specific facial muscles, allowing for precise care in areas like around the eyes and wrinkles.

Treatment using LED light wavelengths.

Treatment with LED light wavelengths to balance the environment and lead to firm, radiant, and elastic skin.
※Activated during I/U mode and EMS mode.

Usage Instructions

IPR Mode / Ultra Pulse Mode

Move from under the chin to behind the ears, and then down to the shoulders.

Move in a straight line.

Move from the eyebrows to the hairline.

*Use dedicated beauty serum during I/U mode.

EMS Mode

Perform EMS treatment for 10 minutes every day or every other day to achieve firmer skin.

Please place the device on your skin for 3 seconds at a time in the following order: under the chin, below the ears, and along the neck.

Please apply the device from the side of your lips to the side of your eyes for 3 seconds each, moving towards your temples.

Please apply the device from just above your eyebrows to the top of your forehead, spending 3 seconds on each spot, moving from the eyebrows towards the hairline.
*The treatment procedure is a guideline.
*When using the EMS mode, please use the dedicated gel.
*If the dedicated gel dries out, apply more.

EPP Mode

Perform EPP treatment for 10 minutes every day or every other day to target specific facial muscles and alleviate tension.

Please apply the device around the area marked with ● for 5 seconds each, moving in sequence.

Please apply the device along the wrinkles at the positions marked with ● for 5 seconds each, moving in sequence.
* No beauty serum is necessary, but if you feel any discomfort, you can apply dedicated beauty serum to the treatment area or spray water (distilled water).