WMT Clear Skin Mist

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Volume: 150ml

Stay with your radiant and dewy skin.

Product Description

Stay with your radiant and dewy skin

Cleanse the skin

Step 01:
Using the power of ions, it absorbs dirt from the surface of the skin, making it easier to lift away impurities.

Step 02:
With the repelling force of ions, it gently lifts impurities from the surface of the skin, allowing for gentle removal of dirt.

Specialized Ingredients

■Reducing ion water S-100 combination *1 *3

It absorbs into the skin more easily than water and penetrates into every corner of the skin*2, providing moisture while removing dirt.
In addition, it becomes slightly acidic when it comes into contact with the skin, so it can be used to gently care for the skin.

■Contains hyaluronic acid*1*4
It has excellent water-holding ability, moisturizes your skin, and leads to bright, shiny skin.

*1 Moisturizing ingredients *2 Up to the stratum corneum *3 Water *4 Sodium hyaluronate

For ultrasonic skin cleansing and ion extraction, use Clear Skin Mist!

Clear Skin Mist uses the power of negative ions to absorb dirt from the surface of the skin.

With the ultrasonic skin cleaner, the absorbed dirt is cleansed away, and during ion extraction, positive current helps to attract dirt from the skin along with negative ions.