WMT Placenta Serum

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Volume: 30ml

Premium Beauty Serum Infused with High-Quality Horse Placenta.

Premium Beauty Serum Infused with High-Quality Horse Placenta

Product Description

The pinnacle of perfection

Non-water Diluted Horse Placenta Serum. A high-quality serum born from Hokkaido-raised Thoroughbred placenta, extracted without dilution in water through non-aqueous extraction and non-heat processing methods, allowing the placenta to fully unleash its inherent power.

We confidently deliver to everyone aiming for a beautiful, translucent complexion.

What is placenta?

We use high-quality raw horse placenta from a thoroughbred breeding farm in Hokkaido.

What is placenta?

It's the placenta. Contains abundant ingredients essential for the skin, this product uses extracts extracted from placenta.

We have carefully selected our source for placenta as Hokkaido's ranches.

To meet stringent quality standards, we procure placentas expelled during childbirth, wash them within 3 hours, and rapidly freeze them.

We meticulously trim them to extract high-quality extracts.

Two carefully selected ingredients to further enhance the beauty effects

Vitamin C derivativeImproves skin texture
A derivative of Vitamin C formed by condensing glucose to enhance stability. It provides transparency through moisture.

Complex Ceramides
Refined from brewed and fermented lees, it's a naturally derived human-type ceramide that easily blends into the skin. With excellent moisturizing power and penetration *4, it supports the skin's barrier function.

Instructions for Use

The timing to use serum in your skincare routine

Step 01: Prepare your skin with toner.
Step 02: Apply the placenta serum.
Step 03: Finish with moisturizer or cream.