WMT Placenta Gel

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Volume: 500ml

Special hot spring water and raw horse placenta gel that leads to exquisite skin

Special hot spring water and raw horse placenta gel that leads to exquisite skin

Product Description

High-quality placenta formulation

Massage gel containing Hokkaido-produced raw horse placenta and natural hot spring water.

Born from a commitment to quality ingredients, this massage gel is formulated with high-quality placenta.

As you massage, it aims to achieve clear, firm, and moisturized beautiful skin.

Carefully selected ingredients

We use high-quality raw horse placenta from Hokkaido's Thoroughbred breeding and rearing farms.

What is Placenta?
It refers to the placenta. It is rich in essential components for the skin and this product uses extracts extracted from placenta.
We prioritize the sourcing of placenta from Hokkaido ranches, ensuring high-quality standards.
Placentas, which are expelled during childbirth, are washed within 3 hours and rapidly frozen to meet stringent quality criteria.
They undergo meticulous trimming to extract high-quality extracts.

Natural hot spring water

Natural hot spring water
We use natural hot spring water from the famous 'Bihada-no-Yu' hot spring in Shiraoi Town, Shiraoi District, Hokkaido.

What are the supporting ingredients and natural hot spring water?
Water-soluble silica:
Contains water-soluble silica, known as a natural moisturizing ingredient, expected to provide moisture and firmness to the skin.

Hydrogen carbonate ion:
The only alkaline mineral component found in water, it helps balance the skin's condition, soften the keratin, and is expected to promote smooth and youthful-looking skin.

Additionally, a combination of beauty ingredients including Ceramide *1 *2, refined from brewed and fermented lees, is incorporated. It's a naturally derived human-type ceramide that easily blends into the skin. With outstanding moisturizing power and permeability *3, it supports the skin's barrier function. *1 Moisturizing ingredient *2 Ceramide AP Ceramide NP *3 Into the stratum corneum.

Instructions for Use

Face massage

Apply the gel to the entire face, then massage each cheek, forehead, and chin in a circular motion, following the order

Massage the arms

Apply the gel to the areas of concern on your arms, then massage from your hands up to your shoulders, lifting as you go.

Body massage

Apply the gel to the areas of the body you want to focus on for the massage, then massage in a clockwise direction with the palms of your hands, starting from around the navel and working outward.

Foot massage

Apply the gel to the areas of the legs you want to focus on for the massage, from the toes to the thighs, then massage in an upward motion from the toes towards the hips.