We accept the following payment methods: 

On Merrys, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account! At this time, we are unable to accept other forms of payment (pre-paid cards, checks, etc).

The date you are charged for an order may differ depending on your payment terms, listed below.

Net 60 terms

If you are eligible for Net 60 terms, we will not charge your payment method until 60 days after you place an order. Spending limits apply. We will auto charge your default payment method 60 days after the purchase date. However, if you would like to pay off your invoices sooner, you can log into your account and pay any outstanding invoices in your "Invoices" tab.

If you’d like to have your credit limit increased or apply for net terms, please click the "Account" dropdown menu and fill out the application by clicking "Increase my limit" or "Apply for net terms."


For payment-on-shipment orders, your payment is due when the product is shipped by the brand. Your default payment method will be automatically charged once the order is in transit. Please know that an authorization hold may be placed on your card or bank account prior to shipment. The hold will drop when the order ships, or within 7 days if the order does not ship before then.